Trash Your Socks to Walk on Your Wild Side for a Cause

As spring arrives, we anticipate breezy days accessorized by comfy flip flops, tees and messy hair! To emerge with a finished, yet relaxed look for spring; we highly recommend flashing your toes!

Now is the time to trash your socks to walk on your wild side for a cause! April 12th, 2018, is “Walk on Your Wild Side Day”, and to celebrate; you can trash your socks to benefit an Indian Reservation by donating new and gently used socks at an event to be hosted in Collierville, Tennessee! Read more…

Trash Your Socks

There is no time like the present to spring clean your closet; trash your socks and box your boots. Be sure to keep a few pumps for professional use, sensible stilettos for after-hour events, and practical footwear for athletic and working comfort.

When choosing your spring shoe collection to include flip flops and sandals, think airy and easy to slip on. Obviously, this type of shoe does not require socks. We suggest donating your nice and warm foot-gloves (our impromptu name for socks) to a local charity or safe-house. Throw in a few pairs of shoes with additional items of clothing you have not worn in at least six months. This will afford you the opportunity to equip someone in need and minimize personal clutter simultaneously. Spreading goodwill will add a spring to your step, and potentially meet a void in a someone’s life.

Where Did The Name, Flip Flop, Originate?

From beaches to everyday life, the Flip Flop is one of the most inexpensive, accessible and lightweight footwear options for men and women. This between-the-toes phenomenon was originally brought to the United States after World War II when those serving our country brought flip flops home from Japan. The origination of the name, flip-flop, earned its definition by the sound following each step taken when wearing; literally making the sound,flip-flop. Australians refer to flip-flops as Thongs, not to be confused with ladies exotic underwear in the United States. South Africa goes by the name, Plakkies. Regardless of what these fun and flirty shoes are called, we absolutely love it when naked toes spark spring sassiness in the air!

Spring into Beautiful

The most beautiful compliment to flip flops or sandals is sexy feet!

  1. Beautify your feet with a fresh pedicure featuring a soft watercolor (trending, 2018).  
  2. A French pedicure or nude color is always appropriate (wear your personality).  
  3. Feeling exceptionally sassy? Step out in bling with mirrored effect toenail polish.

Your Feet Will Thank You

As you take steps to trash your socks to walk on your wild side for a cause, also take time to reflect on your overall look. Think ahead and schedule your day to be pampered with a new cut/style, color, or wardrobe accessory. From salon hair products to nail polish, shoes, jewelry and a classy assortment of light and breezy clothing; you will need them all this spring! Oh, and while you are at it, add a few assorted colors of flip flops and sandals to your shoe collection. Your feet will thank you!

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