Heads Up for Beauty to Inspire Yourself

Heads up for beauty to inspire yourself is as easy as these quick tips:

  • Never be too old
  • Look the best you can
  • Be progressive and open minded
  • Stay youthful

Have you ever awoken, only to look in the mirror and wonder why you look drab? It is called, aging.

  • Wonder where your hair color went?
  • Why is there no color in your skin?

We live in a world of color. That is why our monotone colors are gray and beige. Do you want to look monotone? We need a combination of cool and warm tones or everything starts looking lifeless. So think about it. As our hair turns gray and our skin loses that pink rosy tone, we need help to bring back youthfulness. The most visible part of our body and important asset is our head.

HEADS UP, we need help. Let’s start coloring our hair and put color back into our skin. Brows, like bangs, add youthfulness back to the face.

At The Upper Level Salon, we discuss how to bring back youthfulness with a consultation about your skin, your hair and permanent cosmetics with Debbie Keaton. Debbie has years of in-depth experience in all three areas as a medical aesthetician, hair stylist, and permanent cosmetic technician.

Call today to book your appointment to look at portfolios of Debbie Keaton’s work, author of Heads Up for Beauty to Inspire Yourself.

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