14 Ways to Wow Her on Valentine’s Day

History Behind Our Day Of Love:

Since the 14th century, February has been known as the month of erotic love and desire, since the date was considered to be the time of year when birds began to mate. Human love-birds have since recognized this day of love with romantic observances and celebrated with approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards per year, excluding classroom V-cards. Although Valentine’s Day is not observed as a national holiday in the United States, Cupid’s arrow aims to deliver greeting cards on a large scale, second to Christmas.

When Was The First Valentine Love Letter Given?

The initial date of the first Valentine’s Day card (or letter) given is debatable.  History shows the year 1372 as one of the first believed, while the year 1411 comes in second; with further dates considered as relative to the “official first” romantic written note deemed as a Valentine love letter.  Hallmark Cards printed their first commercial Valentine’s Day Card in the year 1913, which began commercialization of this unofficial holiday.

How Much Will We Invest For Love?

Present-day branding led to investments of up to 18.2 billion in collective gifts between lovers in 2017, with the most popular gifts being greeting cards, chocolate, flowers, jewelry, dinner out, clothes and plastic gift cards (pretty cold).

What’s In Your Box?

Your celebration of love with that special someone is rapidly approaching.  We have several traditional and unique ideas up our sleeve for you (and her), so relax!  Since we have brainstormed for you…you can now focus on how to romance your lover beyond our scope of ideas…if you catch our drift…and leave the exquisite wow-factor to us.  

So, what’s in your box?  We have compiled a list of really romantic and feasible ideas to fit any budget and fill your box!

14 Ways To Wow Her:
  1. Classy, Trendy or Traditional Haircut and Style
  2. Hair Color and Highlight with Specialty Color Designs
  3. Elegant Clothes to Match Her Personality
  4. A Variety of Shoes for All Occasions
  5. Customized Jewelry Pieces
  6. Jewelry Heirlooms Refurbished
  7. Fine Jewelry Selection to Mark this Special Day
  8. No Fuss Permanent Makeup
  9. Hair Extensions to Enhance Beauty
  10. Health and Beauty Products Every Woman Needs
  11. Gift Certificates (much warmer than a cold card!)
  12. Complimentary Consultation to Customize Her Experience to Her Liking (and yours!)
  13. A Facial to Brighten Her Beauty, With Waxing Options Available
  14. Hair Color Correction to Give Her a Fresh Start!
Time Is Ticking!

Go ahead!  Make your choice from our 14 ways to wow her on Valentine’s Day.  We are booking fast and want to make your day (and hers) very special.  As partners in making your day of love one to remember, we await your visit, call or contact soon!

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